an anti-corruption Republican?

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Now that a Democratic administration is on the way, Michael Reagan is all a-twitter at his new website Reagan Action. He hyperventilates from the very beginning, asserting that "America has its first truly Socialist president" and predicting that "the new radical regime in Washington, D.C. is planning their first legislative attacks on America." As David Neiwert mentioned at Crooks and Liars, Reagan's "EXPOSE LIBERAL CORRUPTION" section of the screed is especially revealing:

With the Democrats back in power in both Congress and the White House, you KNOW that they'll be falling right back into their habits of taking lobbyists' money under the table, trading votes for campaign contributions, spying on and sabotaging Republican legislative plans, covering up their leaders' sexual "flings," and spending taxpayer money on personal expenses like never before. But this time, YOU AND I will be there every step of the way, making sure that no stone is left unturned, every dark corner is filled with light, and every illegal act is paid for with censure, impeachment, recalls, investigations, and jail time for every criminal we expose in Washington, D.C.

Those are all important issues, and I'm glad to see a Republican concerned about them...but where the hell was Reagan during the past eight years? How many Bush administration criminals has he exposed? How much jail time does he support for them?

Or, more likely, is corruption only a problem when it's not committed by conservatives?

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