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This post from vjack at Atheist Revolution about "reducing isolation" is excellent advice for theists who are perturbed by atheist visibility:

I've got news for the Christians who are upset about atheist billboards, atheist bus advertisements, and atheist greeting cards. It is not about trying to take "Christ" out of Christmas at all. In fact, it isn't really even about you and your jealous little god at all. It is about letting millions of American atheists know that they are not alone. Nobody likes feeling alienated from the culture in which they live. These various campaigns are simply about normalizing the experience of countless atheists.

If the idea of atheists feeling free to be themselves threatens you for some reason, tough shit. We are here to stay, and we are not willing to keep our opinions to ourselves any more than you are. We are going to be more visible in the next few years, and you can expect to hear more from us. [...] ...we will not apologize for our existence, and we will not stop working to promote education, reason, and skepticism.

And a very merry chriFSMas to you all!

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Here here! Good point there. Has everything to do with healing of alienation and nothing to do with offending Christocentrist assholes.

How long will it take for them to wake up and realize that their treatment of the gay community and their lame protests of atheists is nothing more than discrimination?

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