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I sympathize with the honest and dedicated GOP supporters who were disappointed by the election results, and I appreciate their concern for the future of our nation. There would be far less apprehension on their side of the aisle, however, if so many of them hadn't enthusiastically created and spread lies about Barack Obama. Republicans' anger at seeing Obama win the election will not truly abate until they can come to grips with the real reason they lost: the fear-mongering of McCain's campaign. The GOP's alarmist rhetoric was stoked by their desire to win at any cost--no matter how dishonorably--and this blindness is a cancer on their party that they alone can excise. Without repudiating their own extremists, even at the cost of losing Bible Spice's supporters, there is no way forward for them.

I'm going to go on the record and predict that the long-term Republican reaction to Obama's presidency will fall into these three camps:

  • The first, the center-right, will struggle to honestly examine Obama and will eventually admit that the rumors about him (radical, Muslim, socialist, antichrist, Kenyan, terrorist sympathizer, etc.) were false. I wouldn't be surprised to see the most fair-minded among them pulling the lever for Obama in 2012.
  • The second camp, further to the right, will concede little if any factual ground. They will continue to defend the indefensible smears against Obama, although perhaps less vocally than before. When admonished by fellow Republicans--as by McCain last night during his gracious concession speech--they may be able to keep their baser impulses under control.
  • The remaining faction, the far-right wingnuts, are probably already planning an "Illinois Project" (modeled after the infamous "Arkansas Project" that hobbled the Clinton presidency) to exacerbate the worst tendencies of the McCain campaign. I don't know what can survive in that unhealthy an atmosphere.

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