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If you didn't read it before Thanksgiving, Sara Robinson's "Ten Myths Conservatives Believe about Progressives" is a gift that can keep giving throughout the family-heavy holiday season:

For a lot of progressives, these festivities also mean that we're about to spend more quality time with our conservative relatives over the next six weeks than is strictly good for our blood pressure, stress levels, or continued sanity.


As you prepare to head once again into the family fray, it might be useful to note that most of the right wing's favorite anti-liberal slanders are rooted in some deeply-held--and deeply wrong--assumptions about who liberals are, and what we believe. If your relatives, God bless 'em all, insist on going down that road, your best defense this year might be to listen closely for these underlying myths and fables at work--and be prepared to challenge them head-on when they surface in the discussion.

Robinson's list is a great summation of conservatism's false premises about liberalism, and is worth packing in your luggage (if you're visiting right-wing relatives) or mounting on your fridge (if they're visiting you).

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