the many scandals of "Pitbull" Palin

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After this AlterNet article listed the "Top Ten Most Disturbing Facts and Impressions of Sarah Palin," I thought it was over...then they posted a follow-up with "Eight More Shocking Revelations." I have the same questions as many others do: How can anyone with so little time in office have made so many errors of judgment? And why didn't McCain's vetting process uncover them? (Or, worse, why didn't any of them matter?)

AP's fact-checking of Wednesday's speeches has gotten a lot of attention today, Climate Progress debunks Palin's energy-related lies, and the venerable site FactCheck needed two separate articles (here and here) to cover the falsehoods from the GOP convention so far. Roger Simon snarks at Politico about the "liberal media" remarks, and Biden's comments are fabulous (h/t: Slog's Jonathan Golob, one of whose commenters referred to Palin as "Caribou Barbie"):

"I think it was a skillfully delivered political speech with confidence and directness and so I think she did what she was supposed to do. I was impressed.

"I was also impressed by what I didn't hear in the speech. I didn't hear a word--didn't hear the phrase middle class mentioned, I didn't hear a word about health care. I didn't hear a single word about what we're going to do about the housing crisis, college education, all the things that the middle class is being burdened by now.

"I didn't hear the words Afghanistan or Pakistan where al-Qaeda lives and bin Laden resides, so I also, you know, there was a deafening silence about the hole that the Republicans have dug us into and any specific answers to how the McCain-Palin ticket is going to get us out of that hole."

In memory of the many Republicans' sneering comments about Obama's community organization work as somehow being less important than Palin's governorship, I'd like to offer an observation of a commenter over at Mudflats (h/t: Andrew Sullivan) as my Quote of the Day:

"Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a Governor."

Which one would get your vote?

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