Republicans stole Democrats' flags, then lied about it

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GOP operatives stole several thousand American flags from the Democratic convention site in Denver, and Faux News has already swallowed the McCain campaign's manufactured tale about the flags being "rescued." A Democratic official observed:

"It's pretty reprehensible on their part. Someone made an assumption, took the flags, and essentially lied about what was going to happen to them."

(McCain supporters proudly display the stolen flags at a campaign rally.)

update (9/8 @ 10:59pm):
I'm well aware that there is more detail--dare I say nuance?--to this story, but I'm not inclined to cut the GOP any I'll simply echo the words of David Harsanyi from the Denver Post:

"All I can say is, [the] Republican Party better make sure [that] every image of the flag is properly dealt with at every single rally for the rest of its existence."

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