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One of my coworkers-in-the-hallway claimed that Snopes is biased because most of the rumors about McCain are true and most of the ones about Obama are false.

I responded that perhaps (since neither of us had seen any false assertions about McCain but several of the false claims about Obama) Snopes' data suggested a Republican proficiency at creating and spreading false rumors. He didn't like that suggestion, but was unable to either disprove it or offer an alternative explanation other than the ever-popular and ever-vacuous "liberal bias."

Tallying the results from Snopes for McCain and Obama shows an amazing disparity:

McCain: 5 rumors (2 false, 2 true, 1 undetermined)
Obama: 33 rumors (20 false, 4 true, 3 undetermined, 6 multiple truth values)

It appears that the GOP is not only much more prolific in spreading rumors, they're also much less interested in their veracity.

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And even if Snopes is lying up a storm, wouldn't the questions it raises stimulate curious, intelligent minds to do some independent "discovery" work?

Really? Really????
They said that?

Your prediction is spot on, I'm afraid.

I just want a president that can speak without having to turn pages, and knows something about why we have a constitution...

There's a bunch of "in the hallway" goin' on here... :)

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