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"....he's not eligible to be president if he was really born in Kenya...and if his mother was only such-and-such age...and if she had only lived in the US for so many years..."

I couldn't resist, and jumped right in:

"You've got to be kidding me...that conspiracy crap is right down in the sewer with black helicopters, faked moon landings, and 9/11 Truther theories. There is no question that Obama is a US citizen: his birth notice was published in the Honolulu newspaper, and his birth certificate--validated by the Hawaii Department of Health--is posted on his website."

"Well, he posted a birth certificate...it might not really be his...and that newspaper could be fake...they're probably all Democrats, so you never know..."

I rolled my eyes, muttered something about the pathetic lies of media smear merchants, and kept walking. I emailed this Snopes link to one of the culprits, but not this post from my blog...I'm trying to combat misinformation, not get fired.

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Wasn't McCain born in Panama?
Just askin'...

I have to put up with similar stuff at work, as well as the sappy religious emails. I'd sure like to tell them off, but at the end of the day my quality of life with that job is better than it would be without their annoyances.

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