McCain's mendacity

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FactCheck is on the ball with a rebuttal to six whoppers from McCain's mendacious acceptance speech last night, and ClimateProgress shows that McCain doubled Palin's count of five energy-related lies to a much more manly ten falsehoods.

Anonymous Liberal writes that "what annoyed me the most about McCain's speech was the insistence on baldly misrepresenting the policy positions of his opponent. I don't expect politicians to paint their opponents' positions in the most favorable light. This is politics after all. But when it comes to policy, as I've pointed numerous times, Republican candidates lie with impunity." After listing examples (taxes, trade, health care, and energy), AL concludes:

I could go on and on, but what's the point? The Republicans are allowed to get away with this year after year precisely because they do it so egregiously. If they misrepresented one or two of their opponent's positions, then the press might well notice the discrepancies and point them out. But when they misrepresent them all, it just becomes too much for the press to deal with and they ignore the subject entirely.

Megan McArdle has noted the unintentional irony of John (Keating Five) McCain speaking the words "I've fought corruption," which should be lost on no one. (Although it seems to have been missed by the mainstream "liberal" media...)

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