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TruthOut posted a Philadelphia Daily News piece by Will Bunch eviscerating Palin's "Speech to Nowhere." It's a great takedown, except for two points.

First, Bunch erred in this slam on Palin's "cloud of half-truths:"

(uh, those "Greek columns"...did you actually even watch Obama's speech? Because there weren't any)

Actually, that was one of the few details that Palin got right, as these photos show.

Second, Bunch called Palin's misrepresentation of her support for the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" a "shameless lie:"

"...that was a lie, and the worst kind of lie in American politics, a blatant falsehood that showed utter contempt for the American people that Palin pledged to serve, assuming we are too stupid to look up or know that truth."

I have to disagree with that as well. Palin showed no contempt for Americans in general, only some of them. She--or her speechwriters--likely assumed that we liberals and Democrats would be smart enough to either know the truth or to look it up. Palin's contempt was directed rather at her conservative GOP audience--those who can apparently be trusted to neither know the truth nor be bothered to learn it; all they require is spin, which she delivered at a dizzying pace.

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