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I know, I know...you're as tired of posts about the McCain/Palin media mendacity machine as I am. I would be remiss in my blogging duties, however, if I didn't call your attention to Andrew Sullivan's post "Scales. Eyes. McCain." I can't do his fine writing justice by abridging it, so I'll reprint both his introduction and his conclusion:

Reading the "press" in this surreal climate right now, one is tempted to despair. I'm not giving in to it, because I still believe that the actual truth matters in the world. If propaganda could win in the end against truth, then Bush's approval ratings would be somewhere in the high 80s. They are in the lower 30s. In the end, the American people are not fools. And facts are facts. Right now, we are being subjected to an absolutely disorienting blizzard of lies and absurdities (Palin is a lying absurdity) from the McCain campaign. The idea is to so disorient people, to throw so many new concepts, brands, lies, images, marketing and distortions at them that they will not be able to focus on the issues in this election, and the real choices serious people have to make.


In the end, whatever the power of the religious fundamentalist movement that is now the GOP in simply denying reality, reality wins. And the fact that John McCain is now a serial and shameless liar will also sink in. The question before us is not whether this will be one day understood to be true. The question is whether it will be flushed out in time.

We cannot control these despicable liars in the McCain campaign. We can only tell the truth as fearlessly and as relentlessly and as continuously as we can until November 4. We must do our duty. And if the American people want to re-elect the machine that has helped destroy this country's national security, global reputation and economic health, then that is their choice. But I am not so depressed to think that they will.

We must give them the truth. And that will feel like hell. And we must tell it like Truman told it: cheerfully, passionately and relentlessly.

Sullivan's not right all the time, but he nailed this situation perfectly. If our media had more pundits of his caliber, we'd be much better off.

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I hear you.
I have the exact same "outrage fatigue".
I, for one, appreciate your writing.

I am not tired of hearing the truth.
Scream from the mountain tops!

I want people to recognize the clinically delusional thinking that was the Bush personality, and is the Palin mentality.

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