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Both Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan have drawn explicit parallels between the GOP's convention crackup in Minneapolis this week and the Democrats' similar situation in 1968. Sullivan writes:

In Minneapolis, in some kind of freak political weather system, all the centrifugal forces that have been tearing at the GOP for two decades now have merged. The veneer of a serious governing party is colliding with the reality of a theocratic, fanatic base. The pull of foreign policy realism is busting up against an unrepentant neoconservatism made even more extreme by the McCain candidacy. The whole collision makes one want to look away.

And when you see who may inherit the spoils of this disaster, we can only breathe a sigh of relief. The Democrats do not have their version of Nixon to swoop in, and triumph. They already have their Reagan.

Along with many others, I saw this coming several years ago: Republicans have been fucking up this country since 1968, and now it's their turn to spend four decades in the wilderness.

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