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rolling stone

Sean Wilentz explains in the current issue of Rolling Stone "How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party" (an excerpt is posted on the RS website), and his analysis is a solid follow-up to his earlier RS piece where he suggested Bush was "The Worst President in History." Supplemented by the excellent illustration of Bush's approval ratings ("A Brief History of Bush's Flameout," pp. 48-9), Wilentz provides a good overview of how the Bushevik lawlessness is, indeed, destroying the GOP:

"The Republican Party, having presided over the longest conservative political ascendancy in U.S. history, now finds itself out of touch with American people, held hostage by radicals who have forsaken basic values like respect for the Constitution and the rule of law. The ideological factions and interest groups that now make up the party--the foreign-policy neoconservatives, the religious right and the pro-business, anti-tax radicals--are increasingly angry and inflexible in their demands." (p. 53)

With only 147 more days in office, Bush's trail of destruction will come to an end as his toxic legacy slouches toward Crawford to be buried. May his miserable failure stand as a cautionary warning to right-wing radicals for decades to come.

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