fighting the Swift Boat Liars for McCain

Obama's campaign is fighting back against the Swift Boat Liars for McCain; specifically, they've exposed Jerome Corsi's factually-challenged book Obama Nation, which I mentioned here. Obama's "Unfit for Publication" exposé (2MB PDF) gives Corsi's hackwork an extensive fisking: 51 of Corsi's lies are debunked.

MediaMatters' debunking of Corsi's book covered much of the same ground last week, but apparently the rebuttal hasn't sunken in yet. Obama Nation is a #1 bestseller--although it's misclassified as "nonfiction"--and Corsi was spreading more lies about Obama's birth certificate (published on his website, and verified by the Hawaii Department of Health) just this morning.

The "Unfit" exposé notes that some reviews of Corsi's book have called attention to his lies, but--once again--the so-called "liberal media" is proving itself to be anything but liberal in their disregard for the facts. The NYT review tries to weasel out of basic journalistic requirements by whining that "Fact-checking...can require extensive labor and time from independent journalists, whose work often trails behind the media echo chamber," although later mentioning that:

Several of the book's accusations, in fact, are unsubstantiated, misleading or inaccurate.

That's a pretty weak denunciation, and will probably have no effect whatsoever on Corsi's audience: those whose primary concern is having their political (or other) prejudices reinforced.


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