a Christianist nation?

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Carol Hamilton asks "Does Christian Fundamentalism Endanger Our Republic?" at History News Network (h/t: Buffy at Gaytheist Agenda), and the unsurprising answer is yes:

Authoritarian, narrow in its scope, rigid in its attitudes, and tautological in its thinking, evangelical fundamentalism has been making war on the founding ideas of the United States. Its belief in submission to authority puts it at odds with a democratic republic. Its hostility to intellectual inquiry--by its very nature an interrogation of authority--causes it to wage war on scientific research and modern medicine. Its valorization of ancient codes of behavior inspires its attacks on feminism and gay rights. Its revisionist attitude toward history--denying the deism, skepticism, and Masonic associations of certain major Founders--is dishonest.

Fundamentalist Christianity is essentially anti-modern.

That certainly sounds like Christianism to me, and thus a good time to revisit Andrew Sullivan's 2006 essay "My Problem with Christianism:"

Christianity...is simply a faith. Christianism is an ideology, politics, an ism. The distinction between Christian and Christianist echoes the distinction we make between Muslim and Islamist. Muslims are those who follow Islam. Islamists are those who want to wield Islam as a political force and conflate state and mosque.

and slidge's 2004 DailyKos post "Christianism vs. Christianity:"

Christianism uses Christianity in order to further its agenda, which can be quickly summed up in two goals:

1. The establishment of a state religion. This state religion, of course, is not to promote Christianity, but rather to consolidate power in order to achieve their second goal.

2. Legislation of their repressive moral agenda. The Christianists plan to destroy the system of checks and balances in the Constitution, and they plan to do this in the name of Christianity. The establishment of a state religion is critical to this.

Given their demonstrated hatred of church/state separation, civil equality, and democracy itself, I definitely categorize Christianists as a threat. They won't control the White House for much longer (I hope!), but don't count them out yet. They have a seemingly inexhaustible supply of fraudulent quotes, fictitious history, and false accusations...and, despite the facts, they're convinced that they're in the right.

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