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There was a big flurry of concern at Atheist Nexus (which I joined two days ago) this morning about whether or not the site was a Christian front (h/t: vjack at Atheist Revolution). The site's designer just emailed all the members with this:

Hi, All!

There has been some concern arising from an apparent connection between
Atheist|Nexus and a Christian entity. I would like to quickly put out the fires, so here's my explanation:

I am a web design freelancer in my other life - see me at XenonVisual.com. The website DivineChristianCenter.org showed my company's contact information by default - as you can see, the site is not complete pending more information from my client. The only affiliation between myself and the church is a professional one. While I remain strongly and actively opposed to religion (Christian or otherwise), I do not discriminate when selecting clients.

The concern is understandable, but rest assured that Atheist|Nexus is truly the work of atheists, with no other motive but to connect atheists.


I hope that this furor settles down, because the potential for A|N is HUGE... freethinkers tend to resist joining groups, and these kinds of questions make us even warier.

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I think it is starting to settle down now. Many of us were not overly impressed with the explanation you cite here, but some of the expanded versions that have followed seem to have reassured most people that it is worth staying with the site. I agree that it has great potential, and I'd really like to see it work.

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