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Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin

Longtime partners Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin were married (again) yesterday in San Francisco. Their place of honor as the first same-sex couple to be married in California after the recent CA Supreme Court decision is well-deserved; Jim Burroway provides the historical perspective over at Box Turtle Bulletin, and concludes:

You might say that they are godmothers to all of us and our movement. After all these years of their hard work and dedication to the cause of lesbian rights, it's hard to imagine a more appropriate couple to be the first to marry in San Francisco.

We not only offer our congratulations, but also our deepest thanks for all that Phyllis and Del have done, and all that they represent.

On the other side of the issue, joy and love are mirrored by fear and hatred; as Sarah Varney reported on NPR's Morning Edition, anti-marriage protesters held signs reading "Re-criminalize Sodomy" and "God Hates Lying Sinners." Andrew Sullivan linked to this despicable ad from the Family Research Council:

anti-family research center

How long will it take for them to realize that their fears are unfounded?

Why can't they recognize love when they see it?

update (1:16pm):

Some of the newlyweds were greeted with shouts of "You're going to burn in hell!" by protesters.

How charming.


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I don't understand it, either...or their demand that we all limit our lives to the narrow confines of what they consider to be biblically acceptable behavior. No one is preventing them from living by their chosen book, so why are they upset about everyone else having the same rights?

Of all the words in this post that caught my attention, the words "God hates..." (on the protest sign) were the ones I found most confused? confusing?

I truly don't understand the fear.

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