P. Craig Russell: Isolation and Illusion

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Russell, P. Craig. Isolation and Illusion: Collected Short Stories 1977-1997 (Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, 2003)

This slim-by-comparison volume (120 pages) of short stories is a delightful dessert after the enormous entrée of The Art of P. Craig Russell. It collects the following nine stories, indicated by opus numbers (listed here on his website):

4. "Dance on a Razor's Edge" (8 pages, b/w)
29. "From Beyond" (10 pages)
32. "A Voyage to the Moon" (20 pages)
31. "The Gift of the Magi" (12 pages)
8. "La Sonnambula and the City of Sleep" (10 pages, b/w)
11. "Isolation and Illusion" (14 pages, b/w)
17. "The Insomniac" (12 pages)
9. "Breakdown on the Starship Remembrance" (23 pages, b/w)
39. "Devils" (3 pages)

I would have preferred to see the stories printed in chronological order, but I can understand the reason this wasn't done: the first half of the stories would have been black-and-white, lending the book a Wizard of Oz feel as it transitioned into the second (color) half of the stories.

The latter four stories were the ones with which I was unfamiliar, and this attractive and affordable volume proved to be the easiest way to acquire them. Russell's work has gained a whimsy with his artistic maturity, as evidenced by this image from Cyrano de Bergerac's "A Voyage to the Moon" (p. 40):

Here's an (older) favorite image (p. 72), this time from 1981's "Isolation and Illusion: A Symbolist Fantasy:"

While I would have included a few other pieces ("The Golden Apples of the Sun" in particular) in this book, this collection satisfies until a sequel (is one in the works?) arrives. I can't recommend Russell's art highly enough; following his career has been a joyful and rewarding experience.

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