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Wil Wheaton is a writer, and a good one at that. His "early morning conversations with my brain" is a great reminder to always be ready and willing to jot down that great idea...even when it wakes you up at 5:13am. All creative people should heed that voice of Coleridge, speaking "Kubla Khan" into our ears at inconvenient times; that same inspiration may never knock again.

update (6:57pm):
While it's geekily satisfying to sidle/saunter/slink/shuffle to one's Jonathan Ive-designed keyboard to pound out a few paragraphs, it's also important to remember that the technology is ultimately trivial...the idea is what matters.

It doesn't matter if it's a PDA and a stylus, a Post-It note and a pencil, a sketchbook and a Sharpie, a whiteboard and some markers, a lined notebook and a ballpoint pen, a mini tape recorder and one's voice, or whatever else might be available...the idea is what matters.

The idea is what matters.

Get it out there.

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