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This NYT review of The Golden Compass quotes director Chris Weitz as being determined to protect the "anti-theology" of the remaining two books:

I mean to protect the integrity of those remaining chapters. [...] The aim is to put in the elements we need to make this movie a hit, so that we can be much less compromising in how the second and third books are shot.

Mark Morford has a few comments from the San Francisco Chronicle, where he summarizes HDM this way:

The nefarious thing the books aim to kill is religious authority. It's about the destruction of dogma. It's about power, about who wants to control and manipulate life on Earth, about the blind, ignorant, even violent adherence to insidiously narrow codes of thought, belief, behavior, sex, desire and love.

No wonder the anti-HDM protestors (Catholic League, Focus on the Family, and the usual assortment of Christianist know-nothings) are so pissed off! Morford has some choice words for them as well:

If your ancient, authoritarian, immutable belief system is threatened by a handful of popular novels, if your ostensibly all-powerful, unyielding creed is rendered meek and defenseless when faced with the story of a fiery, rebellious young girl who effortlessly rejects your stiff misogynistic religiosity in favor of adventure, love, sex, the ability to discover and define her soul on her own terms, well, it might be time for you to roll it all up and shut it all down and crawl back home, and let the divine breathe and move and dance as she sees fit.

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