angry atheists, again

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Dinesh D'Souza tries to explain "Why Atheists Are So Angry"--a topic I've dealt with before--but his latest argument hinges on this sophomoric sophistry:

Atheists often like to portray themselves as "unbelievers" but this is not strictly accurate. If they were mere unbelievers they would simply live their lives as if God did not exist.

I don't believe in unicorns, but then I haven't written any books called The End of Unicorns, Unicorns are Not Great, or The Unicorn Delusion. Clearly the atheists go beyond disbelief; they are on the warpath against God. And you can hear their bitterness not only in their book titles but also in their mean-spirited invective.

If we lived in a country where the vast majority believed fervently in a Unicorn deity, demanded special privileges for worshiping their one-horned savior, amended our Pledge of Allegiance to read "one nation under Unicorn," proclaimed "in Unicorn we trust" on our currency, opened our legislative and judicial sessions with homages to the one-horned, and tacked "so help me Unicorn" onto our oaths of office, D'Souza might have a point; in reality, his analogy is specious at best.

We atheists do, in fact, live our lives without deities, although--as Sam Harris observed--doing so is not without potential conflict: "As an atheist, I am angry that we live in a society in which the plain truth cannot be spoken without offending 90% of the population." Offense-taking on D'Souza's part does not imply mean-spiritedness on ours, despite D'Souza's complaints about the insults hurled his way:

From the atheists you hear statements like this: "D'Souza is a goddamned idiot." "Odious little toad." "D'Souza is full of shit." "A smug, joyless twit." "Total moron." "Little turd." "Two-faced liar." Etc, etc.

For the record, D'Souza, we sometimes call you a "moron" or an "idiot" out of frustration that your (self-)celebrated rhetorical skills are used for obfuscation rather than enlightenment. We sometimes even call you a "liar" when you misrepresent the facts or make untruthful statements.

Even worse, we occasionally point out that you're "full of shit" because, well, you often are.

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