the spectre of another pro-torture AG

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There is a fierce denunciation of Mukasey’s nomination and compliant Democrats over at Sadly, No:

If you can’t say whether simulating death through forced drowning is really “torture,” then you have zero common moral sensibility, and are clearly unfit to hold the office of the highest law enforcement officer in the country. It would have been nice for America’s “opposition” party to set a clear standard stating that anyone who gives weaselly, evasive answers about whether waterboarding constitutes torture will be automatically tossed into the Borkian reject pile. But once again, our brave fightin’ Dems are caving.

I didn’t ever really expect great things from the Democrats, but in my worst nightmares I didn’t expect them to suck this badly. The only thing that’s stopping me from not voting in ‘08 is horrifying visions of Preznit Rudy.

C’mon, Dems: If you don’t oppose torture, no one will. Even if the Bush administration has only tortured three people with waterboarding, it’s still unacceptable.

Don’t accept it.

Don’t accept Mukasey.

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