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I’ve been deliberately ignoring Ann Coulter’s media whoring in support of her latest book, trying to keep her pernicious influence at bay; Tim Rutten succumbed to her anti-charms, and I will briefly follow suit. Rutten opens his op-ed with these paragraphs:

Ann Coulter is buzzing from one talk show to another these days, peddling her new book. Our era values mindless contention as a kind of entertainment, and we don't just reward relentless self-promotion -- we admire it. Thus, Coulter's phenomenal success at marketing distasteful, mean-spirited books -- poorly written and spottily researched -- that otherwise would go all but unremarked upon by everyone except the rhetorical ghouls who haunt the political fringes.

Now, no Coulter promotional campaign would be complete without a calculated outrage -- a call for the forcible conversion of all Muslims, for example, or a demand for revocation of women's suffrage, an insult hurled at gays or the grieving widows of Sept. 11 victims. As more than one political consultant has remarked, the American far right is a carnivorous constituency, and it needs to be regularly thrown red meat. Coulter's singular genius has been to ignite tightly focused and timely controversies, thereby getting her ideological opponents to toss the scraps to her fans.

Coulter’s latest book needs no additional publicity of any sort, let alone from the deliberate baiting at which she excels. Maybe if we ignore her, she’ll go away and cease polluting out national discourse.

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