Gore derangement syndrome

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Paul Krugman writes about the Right’s latest fit of unhinged ranting: Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize. Krugman calls it “Gore Derangement Syndrome” and asks, “What is it about Mr. Gore that drives right-wingers insane?”

Partly it’s a reaction to what happened in 2000, when the American people chose Mr. Gore but his opponent somehow ended up in the White House. Both the personality cult the right tried to build around President Bush and the often hysterical denigration of Mr. Gore were, I believe, largely motivated by the desire to expunge the stain of illegitimacy from the Bush administration.

And now that Mr. Bush has proved himself utterly the wrong man for the job — to be, in fact, the best president Al Qaeda’s recruiters could have hoped for — the symptoms of Gore derangement syndrome have grown even more extreme.

Krugman gave a name to the syndrome, but ThinkProgress had the details and David Neiwert had already identified it last week:

Al Gore has a habit of bringing out the worst in conservatives -- especially their eagerness to smear and their self-imposed ignorance about the nature of science and how the world really works.

No doubt, if they were ever self-aware enough to recognize this, though, they'd just find a way to blame Gore for it.

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