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This AP-Ipsos poll discovers that liberals read more books than conservatives. Amanda summarizes at ThinkProgress:

– 34 percent of conservatives have not read a book within the past year, compared with 22 percent of liberals and moderates.

– Among those who had read at least one book, conservatives “typically read eight” books in the past year. Liberals read nine, moderates five.

– “By slightly wider margins, Democrats tended to read more books than Republicans and independents. There were no differences by political party in the percentage of those who said they had not read at least one book.”

While statistically significant, the results are not exceedingly lopsided. (I do admit to suspecting that they would have been if books by Faux News hosts—and Bush’s copy of “The Pet Goat”—had been subtracted from conservatives’ reading lists.)

Quote of the Day:

"Liberals don't read books – they don't read anything. That's why they're liberals.”

Ann Coulter (interview with Phil Brennan at NewsMax)

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