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Senator Larry Craig of Idaho (do I even need to mention that he’s a Republican? I didn’t think so…) was busted in June for attempted solicitation in a Minnesota men’s room. Of course, there is the usual lame excuse, the standard denial, and the inevitable hypocritical voting record. Over at AmericaBlog, Pam Spaulding comments:

The senator from Idaho, along with John Ashcroft and Trent Lott, formed The Singing Senators. He should think about hooking up with some of these guys to form a new group: Bob Allen, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Glenn Murphy, Jr., Tommy Tester, Ted Haggard...the list goes on and on.

Any suggestions for a name for the group and additional members?

I suggest “The Closet Cases,” “Bathroom Blowjobs,” or—more delicately—“Not Just a River in Egypt.”

Perhaps Ken Mehlman, Matt Sanchez, and Jeff Gannon could be convinced to lend their talents to the cause?

update (10:38am): Added links.

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