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In the wake of Karl Rove’s resignation announcement, another rat is about to desert the sinking ship of the Bush administration: According to many sources, Alberto Gonzales will announce his resignation today. I never expected that we could have an Attorney General worse than John Ashcroft, but Gonzales proved me wrong. Senator Schumer observed:

“It has been a long and difficult struggle, but at last the attorney general has done the right thing and stepped down. For the previous six months, the Justice Department has been virtually nonfunctional, and desperately needs new leadership."

It is rumored that Michael Chertoff may be his replacement.

update (1:04pm):
Chris Bowers posts a list of recently departed rats here at OpenLeft:

Here is a partial list of prominent Bush administration resignations since the 2006 midterm elections, all of which occurred in conjunction with some sort of major scandal in their relevant field:

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, November 8, 2006
John Bolton, Ambassador to the United Nations, December 4, 2006
Harriet Miers, White House Consul and former Supreme Court nominee, January 4, 2007
Francis Harvey, Army Secretary, March 2, 2007
Monica Goodling, Justice Department White House liaison, April 6
Peter McNutly, Deputy Attorney General, May 14, 2007
Sara Taylor, White House Political Director and microtargeting guru, May 27, 2007
White House Counselor Dan Bartlett, June 1, 2007
Gen. Peter Pace, Joint Chiefs of Staffs Chairman, June 8, 2007
Rob Portman, White House Budget Director, June 19, 2007
William Mercer, Acting Associate Attorney General, June 23, 2007
Jim Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, July 17, 2007
Karl Rove, Senior Political Advisor and Deputy White House chief of staff, August 13, 2007
Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General, August 27, 2007

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