Harvey Pekar: The Best American Comics 2006


Pekar, Harvey. The Best American Comics 2006 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2006)

As guest editor of the inaugural volume of The Best American Comics, Harvey (American Splendor) Pekar chooses one page each from Rick Geary and Alison Bechdel (a DTWOF strip), some pages by Jaime Hernandez, Joe Sacco, and Gilbert Shelton, and a few longer pieces such as Justin Hall's "La Rubia Loca" and Crumb's "Walkin' the Streets." The single-page strips from Ivan Brunetti are my favorites, along with Rebecca Dart's "RabbitHead" story (pp. 105-129). She wrote "I desperately wanted to create a comic that could only be a comic and couldn't be translated into another visual form" (p. 281), and has done so quite successfully.

BAC 2006 may not quite stand up to Brunetti's Anthology, but the medium's breadth and depth continue to impress--even when limited to North American works published in English during a single year.


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