Sullivan ends debate with Harris

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With this post, Andrew Sullivan has ended his debate with Sam Harris. Sullivan talks of the necessity of peace in the modern world, and summarizes his disagreement with atheism this way:

Religion has a bloody past that I do not begin to deny. Fundamentalist atheism's is bloodier.

Part of his argument, though, lies in how Sullivan excuses the role of religion (his own Catholicism, in this instance) in Nazi Germany, absolving its culpability by claiming that it was innocently “coopted by the state.” Careful readers will observe that atheism gets no such free ride when he mentions China and the Soviet Union; like guillotine-era France, they are called “atheist and rationalist.” Atheism is thus a cause of some nations’ totalitarianism, while totalitarian religion is excused from causation.

That is how Sullivan’s faith blinds him.

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