more Hitchens on Falwell

In a follow-up to his earlier comments on the late Christianist, Christopher Hitchens appeared on Faux News' Hannity & Colmes to discuss Falwell's legacy. In this clip at YouTube, Hitchens refers to Falwell as "a vulgar fraud and crook," and Ralph Reed immediately began referring to him as "Dr Falwell." (Sorry, Reed: all three of Falwell's doctoral degrees were honorary, and only one of them was from an accredited institution.)

Hannity took self-righteous umbrage at Hitchens' remarks, and the segment degenerated into contentious rambling and Hitchens' mention of Reed's links to GOP racketeer Jack Abramoff. The best line came just as the segment ended:

"If you gave Falwell an enema, he could be buried in a matchbox."


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