does Frank Pastore write book reviews for Publishers Weekly?

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This screed at TownHall against several recent atheist books is so poorly argued that I’m tempted to ask: Does Frank Pastore write book reviews for Publishers Weekly? This passage is particularly odious:

Since the pre-Socratics, atheists have been intellectual parasites living off the host of Western Civilization. Able to con-struct [sic] so very little of their own that is either true, good, or beautiful, they live on the borrowed capital of their believing intellectual parents. Atheists have been asserting the same basic mechanistic worldview, and with roughly the same suc-cess, [sic] for centuries.

That would be the “mechanistic worldview” that has brought us to an understanding—lesser or greater, depending on the subject area—of the mechanics of ourselves and the world. Parroting “god did it!” is not an answer, and does nothing to aid our comprehension of anything.

Pastore’s ridiculous summation of our species’ aggregated knowledge about a variety of subjects (cosmology, biology, psychology, anthropology, etc.) as “the ‘just popped’ theory”—as in everything “just popped into existence” —is ludicrous, as someone who (allegedly) has a pair of graduate degrees should know. Did Pastore receive those degrees for “life experience,” from mailing in the required number of cereal boxtops, or via attendance at an unaccredited bible institute? One wonders.

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