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Daniel Lazare reviewed several recent atheist books in “Among the Disbelievers” at The Nation: The God Delusion (Richard Dawkins), God Is Not Great (Christopher Hitchens), Atheist Manifesto (Michel Onfray), and The Meaning of Life (Terry Eagleton). Lazare attacks atheists by observing that, “while united in their resolve to throw the bum out--God, that is--the antireligious forces appear to have given little thought to what to replace Him with should He go.”

History has already furnished a reply. Voltaire was once asked "If you were to succeed in abolishing superstition, what would you substitute for it?" He answered that, "...when I deliver the world from a monster which devours it, I am asked what will I put in its place?" Removing the scientific, intellectual, and moral straightjacket of religion need not be followed by forcing mankind into another subservient relationship with another revealed “truth;” reality is the best fare for our needs.

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