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This response to my latest letter about Bush is quite possibly the most asinine attempt at a rebuttal that I have ever witnessed:

It keep on getting worse and worse Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:31 am

The liberal idiots who get printed on here get worse and worse each god damn day. Mu opinions, and they are correct ones, are this.

Were you born clueless or did you just become a liberal hymie? The only thing you said that was even partly true was the foreclosures being up, and they are up but its becasue of the morons in the lending institutions kowtowing to the civil liberties commies and relaxing their loan criteria so more loser ethinics could get loans that could not pay them back. So basically its another failed left wing bleeding heart idea. Your babble about the Dow makes no sense. So its still 14 percent below 2000 levels, whats your point. The real news is that its still going UP moron, and we even had the 9/11 disaster happen along the way since 2000, and it still recovered faster than expected. As for civil liberties, I for one am sick and tired of this pathetic excuse you liberals keep using to inflict the guilt trip onto people who are trying to exercise an ounce of common sense. Something it is obvious that you lack severely. No one is messing with your god damn civil liberties so get off the scare tactics wagon. Lastly, maybe you need to also learn to read or is it where your reading to get slanted information for your tripe thats the problem. The deficit is at its lowest point in decades as is unemployment. So lets not go mistaking resolve for stubborness, it is a sign of strength, but you wouldn't know it because your a gutless liberal.

[name redacted]

Calling opinions “correct” does not make them so; acting as though it does is either lazy argumentation or a craven refusal to learn from one’s mistakes. In your case, I suspect both are true. Your repetitious ad hominem attacks (“liberal idiots,” “clueless,” “morons,” “civil liberties commies,” “loser ethinics,” [sic] and “gutless liberal”) do nothing to prove your error-ridden rhetoric, although they do illustrate your hatred for factual dissent from conservative media disinformation.

Senator Specter recently observed that Alberto Gonzales’ testimony was “significantly if not totally at variance with the facts,” and the same can be said of your ill-informed opinions. You allege “cluelessness” on my part, but that is purely projection on yours. The following facts will demonstrate that I’m not the one who subsists on “slanted information.”

The onerous lending practices behind the interest-rate-driven foreclosure boom have generated large profits for lending institutions, but not without risk. One cannot simultaneous claim that the high rate of home ownership is an unalloyed good (as Bush does) while ignoring the unsustainable economics upon which that rate is built. To do so is disingenuous as best and deliberately deceptive at worst.

My “babble” about the Dow average merely pointed out the fact that inflation erodes the dollar’s purchasing power; thus, the stock market is not now at “an all-time high.” I am well aware that the market continues to improve, but the original letter writer made a much more extravagant—and false—claim.

I am ecstatic to hear your proclamation that “no one is messing with” our civil liberties…or, rather, I would be ecstatic if you were correct. The restoration of habeas corpus, the repeal of the Patriot Act’s Section 215, and the end of numerous other Bush practices (restrictive “free speech zones,” illegal spying on Americans in violation of FISA, military tribunals and other violations of the Geneva Conventions, and the “extraordinary rendition” and torture of detainees) would go a long way toward restoring our nation’s moral standing. In addition, the elimination of the TSA’s secretive “no-fly list” will someday enable untold numbers of Americans (many of whom had the temerity to exercise their freedoms of speech and association) to travel freely again. None of these corrections has happened yet, and none is likely to during this administration.

As far as the “scare tactics wagon” is concerned, the Bush/Cheney/Rove reign of fear is its most fervent proponent (today’s Homeland Security fear level is yellow, for example). Have you forgotten their constant fear-mongering about Saddam’s (non-existent) WMDs and the horrible specters of mushroom clouds over American cities that they conjured from nothing? The Bush administration’s fever dreams did nothing to help secure Russian stocks of plutonium, instead preferring to draw specious parallels between a neutered Saddam Hussein and Hitler’s burgeoning war machine. When GOP fear propaganda—paranoid fantasies about same-sex marriage, immigrants, Muslims, feminists, minorities, and the ACLU combining to destroy Western civilization—fails, as it did in the 2006 election, they have nothing left to offer.

Barely a month after taking office, Bush promised to pay down the deficit by $2 trillion over a decade; instead, his fiscal recklessness has helped to explode the deficit by several more trillion dollars…and you believe it’s “at its lowest point in decades?” Even in relative—as opposed to absolute—terms, the federal debt-to-GDP ratio has risen consistently under Bush (see table B-79 on page 324 of the Economic Report of the President on the White House website). Given his disastrous business career—except for the taxpayer-financed Texas Rangers—it’s no surprise that Bush’s management of our economy has been so lackluster.

Unemployment is also not “at its lowest point in decades.” March’s seasonally-adjusted rate of 4.4% was equaled or bettered 28 times during Clinton’s tenure, including each and every month from November 1998 through December 2000. (Please feel free to avail yourself of the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.) Unemployment reached lows of 3.9% in April, September, and October of 2000; by my reckoning, those months are considerably less than “decades” ago.

As far as calling me a “hymie,” I will borrow a line from Robert Downey’s portrayal of Charlie Chaplin when Nazi sympathizers accused him of being Jewish:

“I’m afraid I don’t have that honor.”

Another commenter suggested that I: “forgot the most imprtant [sic] issue in the Clinton administration, failing to take actions to prevent September 11, 2001, oh thats [sic] right most Liberals want to forget that date.”

I find it interesting that conservatives are quick to bring up 9/11, but very slow to remember (or admit) that 9/11 HAPPENED ON BUSH’S WATCH. Considering his refusal to take any steps against bin Laden, or even hold a meeting on the subject of terrorism before it happened, the primary responsibility for it rests securely on Bush’s shoulders. It is unarguable that Clinton’s actions to stop bin Laden before 9/11 were insufficient; let us not forget, however, that Bush’s actions were nonexistent.


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