Walter Reed fiasco, brought to you by Halliburton

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Liberal Avenger writes about recent developments in the Walter Reed scandal:

It wasn't overzealous regulation that led to soldier's rooms being filled with mold and infested with mice and cockroaches. It was lack of oversight that led to those conditions. And it wasn't government bureaucracy that led to the deterioration of the hospital staff. It was privatization.

The Pentagon gave the contract to handle operations at Walter Reed to a company called IAP Worldwide Services, and conditions at Walter Reed immediately began to go downhill. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recently found that the decision to privatize Walter Reed led to an exodus of skilled personnel from the facility, and that IAP failed to replace these professionals... [emphasis added]

The fact that the President and CEO hails from Halliburton subsidiary KBR makes the whole profiteering-over-patriotism situation that much more odious. Here's my suggestion for their new logo:


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