Stark = Satanist?

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To hear the wingnuts' lamentations, one would think that Rep Stark declared himself a fetus-devouring Satanist earlier this week when he came out as a non-theist. Michelle Malkin's article at WingNutDaily (h/t: PZ Myers at Pharyngula) shows the sort of raving lunacy to which any non-religious dissident is subject to in our Christianist nation. Dredging up comments Stark allegedly made as long as 17 years ago does not demonstrate a principled interest in the comments' propriety; it demonstrates a totalitarian insistence on conformity that is the cancer destroying contemporary conservatism.

update (22:59pm):
Christian Seniors Association issued a persecution-complex press release (h/t: Richard Dawkins) about Stark's announcement, which it calls "A Sad First in the History of the Congress:"

The liberals in Congress want to throttle any school child who bows his or her head in prayer, but they want to establish a right for liberals to bash Christians and berate God around the clock.

The CSA should clearly cut back on whatever they're smoking; it's making them quite paranoid. They should also examine their "good book;" I believe they've overlooked a rather direct prohibition of bearing false witness.

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