Partridge on impeachment

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Ernest Partridge writes on impeachment, suggesting that Democrats can win even if they lose:

The Democrats must stop fretting about a likely failure in the Senate and put their eyes on the prize of the results of Congressional investigation, of testimony under oath, and of the unavoidable publicity that would result therefrom. Once the worm-can of Bushevik crimes and treason is opened, those worms will never be re-canned. And who knows, once the high crimes and misdemeanors are exposed to the sunlight of open and public Congressional hearings and debate, the "impossible" Senate conviction just might turn out to be quite possible.


So let the facts come out in Congressional hearings and debates - e.g., the illegal wire-taps, the Downing Street memos, the lies that led to war (Saddam's alleged WMDs, the non-existent African uranium shipments, Saddam's alleged ties to al Qaeda) , the violations of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, violation of oaths of office (failure to "protect and defend the Constitution of the US"), the Plame affair, etc. Then approval of Bush will likely fall below 20%, with an irresistible momentum in public opinion to throw the rascals out.

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