onward, Christian[ist] soldiers

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Mary Grabar is at it again (as if this piece weren't bad enough) with a multi-part series titled "Onward, Christian Soldiers!"

Here are my thoughts on the first part of her piece:

Her statement that "If it weren't for Christians, the atheists would be chanting into the fire and clubbing each other over the head for food and women" is the most stunningly ignorant thing I've read--even on a wingnut website--in quite some time. If it weren't for those dissenters who questioned religious dogma--no matter their personal identification as atheist, agnostic, deist, Unitarian, freethinker, or pagan--the Christians would be living on a 6,000-year-old immovable planet at the center of the universe.

When Grabar stated that "Evangelicals have retreated, refusing to read or listen to anything that engages the world or involves serious thought. They read their own literalist tracts and live circumscribed lives," though, she was more accurate than she realizes. It is in those home-school hothouses that Christianist children grow up with misrepresentations and persecution complexes. In Grabar's words, they may feel a need to "engage and fight the enemy," but they lack the knowledge and skill to do so. On the field of combat that is reality, biblical literalism is no match for the peer-reviewed scientific method.

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