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It looks like I have some more writing to do. In the latest issue of Free Inquiry, Sam Harris invited his readers (h/t: Friendly Atheist) to supply 200-word refutations of the following "silly retorts to atheism:"

  1. Even though I'm an atheist, my friends are atheists, and we all get along fine without pretending to know that one of our books was written by the Creator of the universe, other people really do need religion. It is, therefore, wrong to criticize their faith.
  2. People are not really motivated by religion. Religion is used as a rationale for other aims--political, economic, and social. Consequently, the specific content of religious doctrines is beside the point.
  3. It is useless to argue against the veracity of religious doctrines, because religious people are not actually making claims about reality. Their claims are metaphorical or otherwise without real content. Hence, there is no conflict between religion and science.
  4. Religion will always be with us. The idea that we might rid ourselves of it to any significant degree is quixotic, bordering on delusional. Dawkins and other strident opponents of religious faith are just wasting their time. [emphases added]

Refuting those claims should not be a drawn-out endeavor, although the brevity requirement may be difficult to meet.

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