MediaMatters on the Sabbath gasbags (again)

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MediaMatters has published another study of the right-wing bias on the Sunday talkshows (I discussed their previous studies here, here, and here).

The latest study looks at total guest appearances, official sources, journalist guests, solo interviews, and the ideological tilt of panel discussions on the four major Sunday shows (Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, and Fox News Sunday).

The 2006 midterm election fundamentally altered the political landscape in Washington, as Democrats took both houses of Congress. So did the Sunday shows alter their guest lists in response? The answer is that the overall ideological contours of Sunday-morning television did not change: Republicans and conservatives still hold the advantage. (p. 13)

While there are variations among Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, and
Fox News Sunday
, all showed evidence of imbalance toward the right. All four programs featured more Republicans and conservatives than Democrats and progressives. All four hosted more conservative journalists than progressive journalists. All four gave more solo interviews to Republicans than to Democrats. All four were more likely to feature a panel tilted to the right than tilted to the left. (p. 28)

The summary is here, the HTML version is here, and the PDF (260KB) is here.

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