Coulter's Borat moment

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It's no secret that Ann Coulter enjoys using bigoted slurs against Democrats and liberals, as when she called Al Gore a "total fag" last year. Her reference to John Edwards as a "faggot" at yesterday's Conservative Political Action Conference event was different for its calculated vulgarity in front of the ever-compliant MSM. Anonymous Liberal calls it her "Borat moment:"

Coulter intentionally and gratuitously used a hateful slur to describe a major Democratic presidential candidate at a major Republican event. . . and the crowd laughed. In any sane universe, that would be a really big deal and an enormous embarrassment to the Republican party.


Coulter is, without question, a vile festering sore on the face of our political discourse. But, in one sense, she serves a valuable purpose. What's remarkable is not that she strays so often from the bounds of sanity and decency. It's that whenever she does so, legions of conservatives follow her into the abyss. They buy her books and line up for autographs. They cackle at her bigoted remarks and nod their heads in agreement as she spreads her hate-filled delusions. And the more outrageous she gets, the more books she sells and more invitations come her way. In a very real sense, her outlandishness helps illuminate what much of the modern Republican party has become. And it isn't pretty. Like Borat, Coulter has a way of getting those around her to reveal some of the not so flattering aspects of their character and belief system. If only she were funny, it might actually be entertaining to watch.

update (11:25am):
Auguste has some great comments in "Civility, Coulter-Style" at Pandagon, anticipating the Right's whining about the "PC police:"

The conservative myth is that they oppose "political correctness" for free speech reasons, to throw off the strictures of the liberal thought police and open communication without talking past each other.

The truth is, a certain subset of them - the subset who cheered Ann Coulter - just want to be free to call people "faggots." They already lost all the good racial slurs, they're not going to stand still while they lose their homophobic ones too. And they want there to be some sort of natural consequences when we tell them to go fuck themselves?

Fuck them, and fuck Ann Coulter too.

update 2 (12:07pm):
Glenn Greenwald has a few words on the Right's hate-mongering:

This is a movement propelled by an insatiable hunger for more slaughter and more wars. It is centrally dependent upon hatred of an Enemy, foreign or domestic -- the Terrorist, the Immigrant, the Faggot, the Raghead, and most of all, the Liberal. As John Dean brilliantly documented, that is the only real feature that binds the "conservative" movement at this point, the only attribute that gives it identity and purpose. It does not have any affirmative ideas, only a sense of that which it hates and wants to destroy. So to watch as the crowd wildly cheers an unapologetic hatemonger is perfectly natural and not at all surprising.


This is not about a single comment or isolated remark. The more Ann Coulter says these things, the more popular she becomes in this movement. What this is about is that she reflects exactly what sort of political movement this is. She reflects its true impulses and core beliefs. If that were not the case, why would she continue to receive top billing at their most prestigious events, and why would she continue to be lavished with rock star-adoration by the party faithful?

Unless the Right repudiates Coulter, they'll receive another well-deserved thumping in 2008.

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