Bush administration revises the Constitution

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Thanks to FDL for this bit of humor on a Monday: "White House to reveal revised Constitution." Information about the "New Order Constitution" includes:

A new provision will make clear that "Congress shall have the duty to declare war and fully fund" war efforts whenever the President requests.

Revisions to Article II. Officials said a new provision will clarify that the President has "unilateral authority in all matters relating to waging war on terror" and to "abrogate treaties affecting the treatment of unlawful combatants." Other provisions will indicate that presidential "signing statements" have the force of law and must be recognized by the judiciary. Provisions relating to impeachment and removal from office will be deleted, one official said, "because no one has the courage to use them anymore."

The phrase "except in cases involving persons designated by the President as 'enemy combatants' or suspected unlawful immigrants" would be added to the language of Amendments V, VII and VIII. One official noted, "everyone agrees terrorists and aliens don't deserve the same protections as law abiding Americans."

Administration officials were asked to explain why the entire Fourth Amendment would be repealed. A senior official indicated, "given everything we're doing under the President's Terror Surveillance Programs, only some of which are known, there's virtually nothing left, so why keep it?"

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