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Faux News, WingNutDaily, the Sludge Report, and NewsMax have a competitor for the dubious distinction of producing the most out-of-touch ultra-conservative reality-free rhetoric: New Media Journal. They published a “Pathology of Liberalism” column by Joan Swirsky (h/t: Sadly, No!) that gives the worst excesses of Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage-Weiner worthy competition for the most unhinged and logically incoherent commentary; even Jonah Goldberg, with his upcoming oxymoronic book Liberal Fascists, can’t compare to Swirsky’s inanity.

Thanks to Swirsky’s insight, though, I now realize that I and my fellow liberals are “uniformly glum,” “uniformly negative,” yet somehow “live in a world of utopian dreaminess.” We are burdened with a “childlike, irrational anger” despite our desire “not to engage in conflict, not to fight, not to judge” anyone. My “silence shows my amorality,” yet I am inexplicably concerned about the threat of economic recession, the catastrophic war in Iraq, civil liberties, and “a deep identification with ‘victims’.” To top it all off, we liberals are the ones who “called names, spewed insults, and stamped their feet,” yet Swirsky’s piece is the one filled with gratuitous—not to mention inaccurate and contradictory—insults.

It is apparent that Swirsky is closer to being without “any semblance of rationality” than are the liberals that she so clearly despises.

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