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Rolling Stone bestows the title “The Most Honest Man in News” on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Their list of his “Top Five Rants” is here. This quote from Arianna Huffington is particularly nice:

"Keith's importance, to me, is as a truth teller. […] I think the way he's been represented -- as leaning to the left or catering to the anti-Bush crowd -- minimizes what he has done, which is to ignore the traditional journalistic view of the anchor as referee and stop pretending there are two sides to every issue. That's not how it is. Sometimes the truth is on one side."

The right-wing critique of Keith Olbermann, OlbermannWatch, calls him “the most dangerous man on television today.” In a “Who watches the watchmen?” situation, OW even has its own critique site, WatchingOlbermannWatch.

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