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This dissection of a reader’s email by Brent Rasmussen at UTI is a nice mixture of sarcasm, snarkiness, and a thorough smackdown of the Christianist persecution complex:

I don't give a shit what you believe. I personally think it's insane, but whatever. Go knock yourself out. Virgin birth, super-special flying god-men, magical chariots in the sky, invisible spirits, talking donkeys - go for it, man.

However, as soon as one of you wackjobs tries to legislate your kooky religious views into law, or tries to force your fantasy magical-happy-land stories on my kids in a public school that ALL of us pay for with our taxes at the expense of real science, I will make some noise. I will kick and scream and shout and write and fight for mine and my children's rights as defined in the United States Constitution.


I don't care what you believe - but I will NOT pay for your beliefs with my taxes, and I will NOT be forced to respect your beliefs by law. Bank on it. We are not going to be quiet any longer. I realize that this probably frightens you a bit. It's got to be scary when this previously unknown silent minority of atheists, agnostics, skeptics, rationalists, and non-religious folks suddenly decided to stand up, demand our rights, and demand our place in the political process. I suggest that you either attempt to understand our position, or get used to it, because it's going to happen a LOT more.

Read the whole thing.

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