right-wing hoaxes

Steve Young asks, "Why are Internet hoaxes always right-wing?" His answer involves the emotional similarity between Internet hoaxes (such as the Jane Fonda "slips of paper" hoax, the Kerry/Fonda demonstration hoax, the "Kerry Flip-Flops" list of lies, the "Osama supports Kerry" smear, the "Clinton Body Count" hoax, the "Hand of Hope" photo, the incredulity of "Bush Lied?" the yearly "War on Christmas" claptrap, etc.) and talk radio:

I'm not saying that all those on the right lack smarts, but the part of their brain that detects the crap from the distinct smell of the bull alone, suffers near-fatal dysfunction when that crap supporting their side is squeezed out.

It's why when we write back to our misinformed, forwarding friends, providing proof of the lie, they don't care whether it's true or not. They believe in the message...

Don't confuse them with the facts...


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