conservative correctness

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Bill Scher writes at Liberal Oasis about Michelle Malkin and the growth of conservative correctness, “where if you say something impolitic about the president, the war, interpretation of scripture, etc. an attempt is made to shame the speaker, pressure associates and stifle debate:”

The kind of thing conservatives used to complain about. (Actually, still complain about.)

I understand why most conservatives play this game. Because to them it is a game.

Because they're hypocrites and bullies. Their interest in conjuring up a phony narrative of the nature of liberals, and the joy they derive in getting under the skin of liberals, supercedes any interest in intellectual consistency.


In any event, "Conservative Correctness" should be called out for what it is. Mischief making.

For whatever excesses have occurred under the umbrella of "P.C.," at least the intentions were generally honorable -- mainly, trying to rid society of debilitating bigotry.

"Conservative Correctness" is not well intentioned. It's simply just about intimidating people who disagree with you.

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