closeted theists?

Jim (God’s Politics) Wallis writes in Time magazine that “The Religious Right’s Era Is Over.” He makes some worthwhile comments on the evangelical/GOP crackup, but then seriously misrepresents the Democrats’ situation by claiming that “[t]hey are running more candidates who have been emboldened to come out of the closet as believers.”

In what sort of upside-down American political arena is any religious person—at least a mainstream Christian—in any way closeted? In what parallel universe do theists not comprise the totality of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House? Even in situations where theists aren’t trumpeting their membership in a specific sect throughout the media, they are incessantly proclaiming the importance of generic “faith” and “religion.”

Earth to Mr Wallis: I fear you’ve been reading the paranoid fantasies of wingnuts like LaHaye and Robertson, where a secular humanist cabal rules the world from the UN, while a fleet of black helicopters stands poised to eliminate all trace of religion from public life. Reality is quite different: religious believers are not in the closet about their faith. Atheists, however, are likely to be silent about their lack of same.


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