"New Deal nostalgia"

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George Will berates Democrats for wanting to raise the minimum wage, and criticizes their “New Deal Nostalgia.” Joshua Holland not only points out the flaws in Will’s economic arguments, but also defends Democrats’ nostalgia for the days of FDR:

If we define the New Deal not only as a basketful of Roosevelt's policies in the 1930s but as a consensus that guided the hand of government during the period between the end of World War II and the rise of the new conservative movement in the 1970s -- as one should do -- then Will is saying that Democrats are nostalgic for a time when the very idea of corporate accountability was born; a period in which America experienced an unprecedented increase in shared prosperity; an era when a huge middle class was built and a single semi-skilled worker could afford to raise his or her (mostly his) family with a modicum of dignity; an era when people had the reasonable expectation that their kids would have an opportunity to do better than they did and a time when government attracted halfway intelligent people who believed in public service instead of the half-witted hacks that the Hart-Rudman Commission in 1999 found to be the ultimate cause of an "unprecedented crisis of competence in government."

Yeah, George, count me "nostalgic" for those days.

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