Ted Rall: America Gone Wild!

Rall, Ted. America Gone Wild: Cartoons by Ted Rall (New York: Andrew McKeel Publishing, 2006)

Daniel Okrent, ombudsman for the New York Times, said that "Rall, while ferociously partisan, can be absolutely brilliant"...before dropping Rall's cartoons in March 2004. Rall's work as a whole, and this book in particular, is both partisan and brilliant. America Gone Wild! contains his famously infamous cartoons (such as "FDNY 2011," "Terror Widows," and "Pat Tillman") as well as his comments on "Reagan in Hell" and numerous great cartoons that never received media attention.

For example: Rall's "Guide to Zoroastrian America" (p. 132, with a follow-up on p. 147) is a wonderful take on what America would be like if a different set of religious fundamentalists propagated a different mythology; the names are different--Ahura Mazdah instead of Jehovah--but the effect is otherwise quite similar. His "Redistribution of Wealth" cartoon (p. 128), with phrases like "730 Pell Grants" on the side of ordnance falling from a US bomber, is similarly caustic.

If you appreciate Rall's work, you'll enjoy this book.


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