the Democratic mandate

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I crunched some numbers (using CNN's vote totals for the Senate races) to figure out the Democrats' margin of victory yesterday. As the not-yet-finalized numbers show, Democrats (including Lieberman and Sanders) earned 30,669,125 votes to the Republicans' 24,998,639. This 10% margin of victory (53.7%-to-43.8%) was due to 5,670,486 votes.

By way of comparison, Bush's victory over Kerry in the 2004 election looked like this: Bush's 62,040,610 votes versus Kerry's 59,028,111 votes was a 50.7% to 48.3% victory, a 2% margin of 3,012,499 votes. This means that the Democratic mandate is significantly larger than the one claimed by Bush two years ago. (I'm not waiting for the SCLM to use the word "mandate," though.)

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